The Kitty Lou Cat Litter System

Kitty Lou cat litter in the lounge

Kitty-Lou is an ingenious new litter housing for the discerning feline.

Unlike many other litter trays there is no need to hide Kitty-Lou away. With its distinctive design it will look cute and stylish in the corner, under the stairs, in fact anywhere in the home. One of its key features is an innovative inner compartment which ensures that the litter tray is inaccessible to children and other pets and virtually eliminates litter scatter and odour.

Kitty-Lou is supplied as a housing which can accommodate a variety of litter trays. An optional made to measure tray is also available featuring a clever step to help remove litter from the paws. A walkway mat is included to make sure Kitty’s paws are clean too.

The housing unit lifts off to make cleaning simple. Kitty-Lou’s generous proportions provide comfortable facilities for all but the largest of giant cat breeds. It’s clear view windows allow Kitty to keep an eye on things as well as check that the restroom is vacant!

Kitty-Lou is proudly made in the UK, arrives flats packed and is easily assembled in minutes. Cute, clean and cats love it! If you require more information you can visit our frequently asked questions page or find all our contact details on the contact page.

How will Kitty Lou help you?

  • Child friendly
  • Clever design minimises odour and mess
  • Accommodates litter trays up to 305mm x 560mm (12" x 22" approx)
  • Made to measure litter tray also available
  • Paw cleaning mat included
  • Comes flatpacked – Very easy to assemble
  • Removable housing for easy access/cleaning
  • Other pets cannot access the litter compartment
  • 550mm wide x 600mm deep x 550mm high (to the top of the apex)
  • Practical design