Frequently Asked Questions

I've got a big cat, will he fit through the door?

Kitty Lou Lion

All but giant breeds of domestic cat can use Kitty-Lou in comfort. Your cat will find the unit spacious and easy to use.
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Will my cat use Kitty Lou?

Kitty Lou Investigation

Cats are incredibly inquisitive by nature and will have no trouble finding or using Kitty Lou.
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Can I use it for other animals, such as rabbits?

Kitty Lou Rabbit

If they are house trained - they can use the Kitty-Lou!
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Can I use Kitty-Lou outdoors?

Kitty Lou Outdoors

Yes, it's made of high grade A.B.S. plastic although the primary intention of Kitty-Lou is indoors.
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How long does delivery take?

Kitty Lou Calendar

We aim to get Kitty-Lou to you as quickly as we can but sometimes can take up to 28 working days.
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What happens if something breaks?

Kitty Lou Spares

In the unlikely event that one of the parts should be broken, you can purchase the full range of spare parts from our online shop.
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How do I clean Kitty Lou & change the litter tray?

Kitty Lou Cleaning

Cleaning the unit couldn't be simpler. Just use warm water and a non-abrasive, non-bleach cleaner. The roof is easily detachable, giving easy access to the internal compartments. There are full instructions on how to dismantle the unit for cleaning here.
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Do I need a special kind of litter?

Kitty Lou Cat Litter

The Kitty Lou system is completely versatile and can be used with any type of cat litter.
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Does Kitty-Lou come in any different colours?

Kitty Lou Colour Chart

Currently we only supply in the red roof and cream walls. A full range of colour schemes is planned for future revisions.
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